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Short-Track Speedskating - First Time Free

If you are interested in trying short track speedskating, we have skates you can borrow in just about every size as well as safety gear. Come on out and try it for free! Saturday's ice time is at 8:45AM, be at the rink by 8:15AM. Ice time for Wednesday practices is now 7:30PM - be there by 7PM. Newcomers are welcome at every practice, although not on race days. There are monthly races on a Saturday morning, and in January, a trip to Whitehorse for a camp and races, and this year is Arctic Winter Games. We are particularly looking for good teen skaters who want to try speedskating.

All practices are at the Harry J. Macdonald Center (called the "Mac Center") in Eagle River, Alaska. We have practices most Saturdays and Wednesdays from September through March. See the Calendar for details. Saturday sessions are an hour and a half and have more technique work and games. Wednesdays are one hour speed sessions and we do more intervals and relays, and usually don't play games.

Ice fees vary depending how they are paid, but in paying for 1/2 or full season it is about $18/session.

We have club skates and safety gear available in most sizes for use during practice sessions.

Welcome to the Alaska Speedskating club

Alaska Speedskating is the only speedskating organization in Alaska, and we are located in the Anchorage-Eagle River area. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting all forms of speedskating as a healthy individual and family activity. We do short track at the Mac Center in Eagle River, long track at the oval in Midtown Park, and when the weather and conditions align 'adventure' skates on frozen lakes. Explore this website, join our email list(s), and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Did you watch the Olympics and now you wanna speedskate?

First, check out the WannaTry page for general speedskating info. If you are new to skating, the best thing you can do is get agility on the ice. Just going to an open skate session at any rink will help get you the agility you need. Then join us for short track , or do long track , or better yet - do both! Then test yourself by entering the various races. It's a great way to see your progress!